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Software you might already use

Did you know that you might already be using free open source software without knowing it?
Open source applications are not just for Linux, but run on a number of different operating systems including Windows and OSX.

Here is a list of some software and products that use free open source technology that you might already be using:
7-Zip7-ZipFile archiver (like Winzip) with high compression ratio
AbiwordAbiword Word processing program similar to Microsoft Word
AmayaAmayaWeb editor tool
AudacityAudacitySound editor
BlenderBlender3D graphics creation program
ClamAVClam AntiVirusAntivirus software
Democracy PlayerDemocracy PlayerInternet television application and media player
GaimGaimInternet chat program supporting many different networks
GimpGimpRaster image manipulation editor (like Adobe Photoshop)
InkscapeInkscapeVector graphics editor
LimewireLimewireThe flagship peer to peer (P2P) client on the Gnutella network
FirefoxMozilla FirefoxVery popular web browser
ThunderbirdMozilla ThunderbirdThe sister email client of Firefox
MPlayerMPlayerMedia player
NvuNvuComplete web authoring system
OpenOffice.orgOpenOffice.orgComplete office suite compatible with Microsoft Office
PDF ForgePDF ForgePDF creation program
ScribusScribusPage layout desktop publishing program
Video Lan ClientVideo Lan ClientMedia player and video streaming solution
WikipediaWikipedia.orgOnline community based encyclopaedia
WiresharkWiresharkNetwork monitor application

And many more...

A project called 'The Open CD' provides a downloadable CD which includes many of the above pieces of software. You can even distribute freely to your friends!

If you want to see what open source is all about but are not ready to 'make the move' all the way to Linux, why not download some or all of the above software for your operating system? When you discover how great they are, perhaps you will be ready to take the next step to an entirely free and open source operating system too!

  What is Linux? |  | Why should I move?